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The founders


The founders of our foundation are people of good will, whose goal is to provide clearly organized, maximally effective, targeted and legal charitable assistance to military units and persons forced to relocate in wartime due to Russian aggression.

The main tasks of the fund


Recruitment both in the country and abroad, who wish to provide assistance to military units and persons forced to resettle during wartime. Unification of means of donations and their targeted, most effective targeted application.


In agreement with the command of military units and units, which are primarily in wartime on the front lines, to facilitate the provision of missing or additional means of protection, uniforms, equipment, vehicles, food, medical materials, equipment and devices that are not weapons.


Assisting in the organization of treatment and rehabilitation both within the country and abroad of servicemen injured or maimed as a result of hostilities.


Providing assistance to military personnel and forced migrants who find themselves in a critical life situation in the form of providing temporary housing, providing legal, psychological, financial, material and other assistance, not prohibited by the current legislation of Ukraine, on a charitable basis.

Our current account

The funds received are primarily directed to the purchase of protective equipment, uniforms, UAVs, which are of particular importance to the Armed Forces, and assistance to displaced persons who are unable to provide for themselves.

Our current account:

UA53 3052 9900 0002 6008 0418 09470 in JSC “Privatbank” Chernivtsi MFI 305299

To make a payment from the Privat24 application, scan this code in the application