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Temporary shelter and employment abroad

The charity fund does not provide paid services!

Our team assists free of charge in the provision of temporary accommodation and promotes employment abroad for forced migrants.

Provides control over the registration, payment of wages and delivery to the place of work from Ukraine by its own transport.

List of countries






Current vacancies

Greenhouses with strawberries

We need men, married couples under the age of 50 with motivation and a desire to work. Work on clearing and planting greenhouses, including picking strawberries.

Production of meat products from poultry

Assistance in dividing poultry (special automatic production lines), packing and packaging of the finished product, gluing of labels, stacking of packaged products on pallets, as well as packing and packaging of already finished meat products.

Composition of flowers

Salary is paid weekly. Work schedule 5-6 days a week, 8-9 hours a day.

An employee at a chocolate factory

We need employees for permanent work in a large international company that specializes in the manufacture of chocolate products. The enterprise has created a number of additional facilities for employees.

Auto parts warehouse

Work, with a scanner and without a scanner, in stock. Maintaining the cleanliness of the workplace. You can't smoke cigarettes even during a break; you can't use the phone while working.

Making blankets and pillows

Fill the pillow with down, then the press automatically compresses the down, after which the pillow must be transferred further down the line to the seamstresses. 75% of girls work at the factory.

Production of low-voltage wiring harnesses

Installation and knitting of conductors/cables, insertion of wires into connectors, plugs, winding of wires, appropriate distribution of wires on the shield according to the diagram, formation of harnesses / installation and winding of tubes, trimming of unnecessary elements.

Warehouse workers

Completing orders, working with a scanner, servicing forklifts. Work on the feet, but in motion. Basic scanner/tablet/smartphone skills required.

Work in a restaurant

The essence of the work: help in the kitchen and in the hall: slicing, preparations, dishes, grill, sushi, bar, waiters, cleaners, cleaning, taking food to the hall, etc.

Our contact information:

32302, Khmelnytskyi region, Kamianets-Podilskyi, 46 Hrushevsky Avenue, office 1102


Representative office in Kamianets-Podilskyi
phone: +38 (097) 922 89 91

Representative office in Chernivtsi
phone: +38 (067) 645 40 40

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