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We would like to thank the caring people and organizations who provided help and support for the implementation of our programs!


the dateDonorAmount UAH
9/4/2022Charitable assistance from Alon Mykhailivna R30,000.00
9/15/2022Charitable assistance of “MONOBET” LLP1000.00
9/20/2022Charitable assistance from Viktoriya Valentinivna A100
9/20/2022Charitable assistance from Alon Mykhailivna R1000.00
9/26/2022Charitable assistance from Alon Mykhailivna R10,000.00
9/27/2022Charitable assistance from Hanna Valeriivna G120
  42 220.00
10/7/2022Charitable assistance from Dmytro Vasyliovych Atwenty
10/7/2022Charitable assistance from Hryhoriy Anatoliyovych T3,000.00
10/9/2022Charitable assistance from Inna Vasylivna K100
10/9/2022Charitable assistance from Mykhailo Sergiyovych S100
10/9/2022Charitable assistance from Artur Viktorovych S200
10/11/2022Charitable assistance from Iryna Anatoliivna Sh45
10/11/2022Charitable assistance from Alon Mykhailivna R70,000.00
10/13/2022Charitable assistance through WAY FOR PAY205.38
9/13/2022Charitable assistance from Alon Mykhailivna R3,000.00
10/17/2022Charitable assistance from Alon Mykhailivna R15,000.00
10/17/2022Charitable assistance from Larisa Ivanivna T700
10/18/2022Charitable assistance through WAY FOR PAY9.78
10/20/2022Charitable assistance from Anton Anatoliyovych Chten
10/22/2022Charitable assistance from Oleksandr Anatoliyovych B5
10/27/2022Charitable assistance through WAY FOR PAY9.78
10/29/2022Charitable assistance from Volodymyr Romanovych P250
10/30/2022Charitable assistance from Hennadiy Mykolayovych G100
10/31/2022Charitable assistance through WAY FOR PAY19.56
10/31/2022Charitable assistance from Alon Mykhailivna R3,000.00

Use of received funds

On the conditions of free long-term residence (with payment of utility services only), residential buildings with plots of land from among the private housing fund, based on agreements with their owners, were provided to forced migrants from Mariupol. An initial supply of essential products, hygiene products and accessories has been organized. Organized the collection, assembly, and distribution of food kits and personal hygiene products of the first necessity to displaced persons located in the Kamianets-Podilskyi district. Work on assisting forced migrants in labor migration is organized. Assistance was provided in terms of consultations, support and registration of forced migrants who leave Ukraine to work in EU countries. Assistance was provided to forced migrants in the provision of transport and escort directly to the location of the employer in the following countries: Poland, Italy, Australia, Germany. A collection of funds was organized for the purchase of “Antidrone” systems for the units of the Armed Forces, which are located directly in the places of hostilities. The system takes away the ability to control an enemy unmanned aerial vehicle, and also makes it possible to neutralize it and land it.